Fun and helpful tricks you need to know and try now!

Fun and helpful tricks you need to know and try now!

    Fun and helpful tricks you need to know and try now!

    With more than 1 billion users around the world, Watsab seeks to keep users happy to add new features with each update, or even hide some features and leave them to the curious user to discover without the need to search the Internet. Let's find out some of these tricks

    Create bold, italic, or average text

    You can play with the effects of the line to help you explain what you say to the other party, after the development of several symbols after the completion of writing for a certain phrase such as:

    * Aragic * to make it dark.

    _Arajik_ to make it slanted.

    ~ Arajik ~ to put a line in the middle.

    "` Arajik '`to make it mono-distance.

    The fact is that there are devices that do not support these symbols, so if you want to do the above, you can select the one you want, and you will see three dots above each other, indicating the options that we talked about.
    Turn off automatic download over mobile data

    If you rely on mobile data when you use Watasab, you will suffer from the loss of a large Net package while sending pictures, documents and videos to you like a bunch of pictures of "Good morning and coffee cups" every day without you know or want!

    In order not to lose your friends ... annoying behavior and attitude you have to stop immediately

    Here's the solution to prevent automatic downloading of your media files, using Settings> Data usage and storage> while using mobile data.
    Here, you can un-download the media automatically once you remove the selection from its side, just when you need it to click it to download it, keeping your chat-only and important media.
    Low consumption of data for calls also
    On-line calls are an amazing advantage, saving you money instead of regular calls, but they also consume mobile data, but here you can reduce consumption compared to carriers.
    Just go to Settings> Data usage and storage> Use little data, 
    activate it to reduce the amount of data used during calls.
    How to use site tracking
    Whether to avoid getting your parents worried about you or if you lose your friend and want to show your place, this is a great property. All you need to do is share your location on your account by clicking the "Paper grid" button at the bottom of 
    the conversation and sharing your location.
    Using Wattab on the computer

    Watsab Web
    One of the things we thank Watsab designers to be able to use the application within the computer, rather than receiving messages and notifications within the phone can be transferred to the computer only when visiting the on your computer. The site will display the QR code, all you have to do when you open the application is click on "WebSearch" and will tell you the instructions to clear the code that the site will give to start chatting from the computer
    Have you discovered other tricks? Share it with us in comments.

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