The most beautiful words of love and romance

The most beautiful words of love and romance

    The most beautiful words of love and romancE

    The most beautiful words of love and romance Many lovers like to listen to the beautiful and romantic words of their loved ones, to exchange them beautiful feelings, which increase the strength of their relationship, and cohesion, and cohesion, was the opinion of Wassini lame in love: "I want to love only a wooden seat we share, A long walk along side by side, and a rose to be given to me from the garden of your house. " The following is the most beautiful of what has been said in love to known poets and others.
     The bathroom goes down - Hammoud Darwish brings me the ground to rest. I love you so tired ... Your morning is a fruit for songs and this evening we went to us when a shadow enters its shadow in the marble and I like myself when I hang myself on a neck that does not hug you but the air I feel like a grape bumblebee and you are the beginning of the wave family when you cling to the ground when you get raped and I love you.
     You are a spiritual beginning.
    So that we can not see him, and when my lover sleeps, I wake up to guard the dream from what he sees. And I will expel the nights that have passed before we meet and choose our days with my own hands. He also chose a rose for me, so that I may go to my knees and sleep, my beloved, to come down to you and save your dream from the thorn of his armor.
    Oh my love .. You have the curls of my hair, peace be upon you. The pigeon flies the bathroom I saw on the sea April I said: I forgot the attention of your hands I forgot the hymns over my wounds How many times you can give birth in my sleep and how many times you can kill me to cry: I love you .. To rest? I say before you speak I fly with your waist before I reach you How many times can you put in the beaks of this bathroom .. The titles of my soul fly the bath The bathroom drops Where do you take me my love From my father and tree, and my small bed, and my injuries .. From my mirrors of my body .. From A closet of my age and my age .. Who is my clothes and who is hidden? Where do you take me, my darling, to where my ears are burning in my ears, you carry me two waves and break my ribs, drink me and then wake me up, and then leave me in the airway to you haraam ... haraam flying pigeons degrade the bathroom because I love you my sister dripping and running from the grief in the nights, I love you when I crave you, and I bring this beam with the bees and the hijacked rose. I love you, curse of passion, I fear the heart of you, I am afraid of my desire to reach. I love you when I want you Your love, body, creates memories and kills them before they are completed .. I love you as I love you, my spirit volunteers in the form of the feet, in the form of the two committees ... I rub my wounds on the sides of your silence .. And the storm I die to sit on your hands Talk fly the bathroom Damages the bathroom Because I love you "Water hurts me" The sea injures me and the butterfly hurts me and the ears of the day in the light of your zendik hurts me my love, I hug you all my sleep ... I fear the attention of words I fear the attention of speech to the bee between my thigh Crying because I love you The shadow hurts under the lamps, injures me Bird in the distant sky. The first sea injures me The sea is hurting me, I wish I did not love you, I wish I did not like to heal the marble. See you, save from death. Your body is a harbor with ten white lilies. Ten, the sky goes to blue, lost it. I hold this marble splendor, and I smell the hidden milk. Give land and sea refuge .. On the banks of salt and honey first, I will drink Khrub Lilk ... Then I sleep on the wheat break the field, break until the inspiration, rust .. See you escape from death. 

    Your body is a port How do you guide me Earth in the ground How to sleep a dream Fly the bathroom Degrade the bathroom My lover I'm afraid Scot your hands Vahk my blood to sleep Persians darling, birds fly birds to you my thigh I am a wife or the same my love, I will keep growing pistachio My chest and get rid of your guard Guard my love, Because you are a superficial and superficial surface of your land in the body My body is flying bath Bathroom degrade I saw on the bridge of Andalous love and sixth sense .. On the rose Yabse returned her heart and said: It cost me love what I do not love cost me love and sleep the moon on the end of broken I saw the bridge on the bridge Andalous love and sixth sense .. A desperate tear brought back his heart and said: It cost me love what I do not love cost me love and sleep the moon on the end of the broken and the bathroom and landing on the bridge and the dark lovers fly the bathroom ... I love you love and this is my signature - Do you have doubt that you are the sweetest woman in this world? The most important woman in the world? Do you have any doubt that when I found you .. I have the keys of the world? Do you have any doubt that when I touched your hands change the composition of the world? Do you doubt that entering my heart is the greatest day in history .. And the most beautiful news in this world? Do you have any doubt about who you are ? O who occupies with her eyes parts of time, a woman breaks, when you pass, the wall of sound I do not know what happens to me? I do not remember that I was you and my cover .. And before your tenderness I do not remember that I lived .. As if you are the queen .. From your belly as the bird came out .. Is You have a doubt that you are part of myself and that I stole your eyes from the fire .. And you are the most dangerous revolutions, which is the rose .. And the Sapphire .. And the spirit .. And Sultan .. And popularity .. And legitimacy among all queens .. Thicker swim in the water of my life, Window Alkalam

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